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OrgVitality is a global consulting company, focused on creating customized projects that drive organizational improvement. We believe that every organization is unique so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. When you partner with OrgVitality, you work with an experienced consultant, a dedicated project manager, and team of IT programmers. Collectively, we ensure that your project reflects your strategy, objectives, and challenges, while remaining authentic to your organization.


Your project should reflect your strategy and objectives in order to drive significant improvements.  Our full suite of tools are customized to be authentic to your organization, and reflect your specific needs and challenges.

Built to your exact specifications, they are delivered with the highest level of service.


Your employee survey should be as unique as your organization. We design engagement, lifecycle, pulse, or customer surveys designed to maximize actionable feedback and drive your improvement efforts.

Customized dashboards combine both quantitative and qualitative feedback that inform key business decisions.

Using the Voice of the Customer, alongside other stakeholder perspectives, to assess and enhance the value that your function delivers

Our customized 180 and 360 assessments provide valuable feedback to support personnel decisions. When used across an entire leadership cadre, 180s and 360s help transform an organization’s culture.

Our algorithm-powered action planning dashboard directs managers to the items that will have the most impact.

Standing for Value-Optimized Intelligent Comment Extractor, the OV VOICE is an algorithm-backed method of quickly and productively identifying the most actionable comments. 



Our IT team has created a powerful, integrated suite of tools that make your work easier. Your customized dashboard provides easy access to insights that improve organizational understanding, decision making, and action planning. Integrated tools enable deeper dives into your data and the ability to act on it. We provide the most stringent security controls, and you own your data, always.


Our software is built with years of experience in mind. Interfaces are intuitive and friendly, while functionality is readily available for users of all levels. Dashboards provide information at-a-glance, and powerful tools enable deep dives to uncover insight from databases of any size.

Our survey system is device-agnostic and fully featured across all platforms. Controls are available to fulfill GDPR requirements.



We work with large, multi-national clients in technology, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, transportation, and not-for-profits.



“It was a pleasure partnering with OrgVitality for work on an acquisition integration effectiveness survey. Susie, Scott and Lisa were wonderful to work with. They were thoughtful, kept to the timelines, came up with suggestions on better ways to achieve our intended results and were open to feedback from us.
Their end product is easy to reference, provides good insight and is simple to present and use with others in order to convey needed action items with our business leaders. I would be happy to partner with Susie, Scott and Lisa for future surveys!”


—  Elizabeth Martin,

Senior M&A HR Manager, Microsoft



Our staff comes from a diverse background, and we assemble the right mix of consultants, IT professionals, project managers, designers, and communication experts specifically for your project. 


Executive Board
Jeffrey Saltzman


Scott Brooks, Ph.D

Partner & VP of Consulting

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Susie Maher

Partner & VP of Operations

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Natan Lerner

Partner & CTO

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Walter Reichman, MBA, Ed.D

Partner & VP of Professional Presence

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Victoria Hendrickson, Ph.D

Partner & Vice President

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