Internal Customer Service


Take stock of how well you are delivering your services to your core stakeholders.

ICX is a comprehensive approach to measuring and improving the value delivered by corporate functions. Internal departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Law, Supply Chain and IT are critical to an organization’s overarching success, and ICX helps any department maximize the value it brings to the company with a program that includes:

  • Interviews to gain critical insights from senior leaders regarding the role of the function, the value it adds to the business, where improvement is needed and how it must adapt to future challenges

  • A company-wide Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey for managers

  • A self-assessment by staff on the VOC items, for a “departmental 360,” as well as the ability to measure the team’s degree of alignment, capabilities and engagement.

  • Driver analyses to identify what has the most impact on stakeholders’ judgement of value

  • A structured, collaborative process for prioritization and action planning

Research shows that departments delivering top-quality services are

6 times

more likely to help stakeholders achieve financial cost savings and improved services and 4 times more likely to help stakeholders enhance quality and increase productivity.

Why improve your internal service?

75% of companies with the highest level of internal service survey their stakeholders.

Research shows that leaders in internal value delivery help their stakeholders raise productivity, improve service and quality, and drive down costs. Start your journey today with OrgVitality’s ICX. Schedule a free initial consultation to see if ICX is right for your organization.