Lifecycle Surveys

A comprehensive survey program

Targeted surveys help organizations fully support employees at every stage of their development. Common lifecycle surveys include on-boarding to measure the experience of new employees, exit surveys that assess attrition data and predict turnover, and other milestone-generated surveys, based on your specific needs.


We also offer on-going pulse surveys that measure employee attitudes on a wide range of issues such as engagement, specific employee transactional experiences, new employee assimilation, and more. Pulse surveys tend to be shorter and more targeted, and administered to a select group of employees. Our master calendar lets you easily track and monitor all your survey programs.

Orgvitality conducted an industry-wide survey of how leading organizations use lifecycle surveys. For the report, click here

Key Features:

  • Self-service administration panel for master HR users, with varying levels of access

  • Powerful OrgCoding tool to manage complex hierarchies

  • Dynamic insertion of manager names or units Translations tool supports multiple languages, in-country reviews, and updates

  • Dynamic online reporting

  • Master calendar function for large, multi-program initiatives

  • Integration with other platforms, such as action planning tool, annual census surveys, linkage analysis, and more