Tips for Maintaining Employee Confidence through COVID-19

Actions you take now will make a difference


Understand what makes Employees Confident

There are four factors critical to measuring confidence for organizations during an economic crisis and for creating confidence in the employee population


Retain critical focus, but with more precision

First, you need to work on the internal functioning of the organization. During a crisis it is critical that management is effective, business processes are streamlined, and financial discipline is adhered to.


Reexamine your main product offerings

Can you offer a product or modify your existing products to better fit with the times? What else can you do to make your product more attractive in current circumstances? 


Avoid layoffs as much as possible 

 Organizations that found alternative cost-saving mechanisms besides layoffs outperformed over those that laid off staff in the long-term.


Help employees grow or retain skillsets 

Who do you want at your side when the organization is dealing with a crisis? We want our most talented staff, and we want to keep them, and we're sure you do, too.


Promote transparency and communication 

Employees know what is going on within the organization. They will fill in the blanks with a version of reality worse than the actual reality. 

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Now, at a time when the future is uncertain, and your workers are likely doing their jobs remotely, it is critical to ensure you have all three aspects met. It is essential to  communicate regularly and consistently about the change process, as well as about peopleʼs roles during and after the change; it is just as critical to provide people with what they need to Perform and give people a sense of Future after the change.