OV 180/360

We design with every organizational user in mind: HR administrators, managers, and participants.

OrgVitality offers custom 360 assessments beyond the basics, using the results to support personnel decisions such as succession planning, development, training plans, high potential selection and development, and performance management. When used across an entire leadership cadre, 360s help transform an organization’s culture.

Each group starts in a custom landing page that lets them easily complete tasks, whether it’s to individually or batch register users, select or approve raters, launch or take surveys, check status, send reminders, or download reports.

Prompts are given for ratings that seem artificially high, or to yield better, more specific feedback. Additionally, we offer multiple survey versions, language selection, and we follow best practices to ensure trust in the confidentiality of our systems.

Ultimately, we view 180s or 360s as springboards for improvement. We tailor reports that focus on helping the participant understand, interpret, and act on results. The reports, which can be batch generated, prioritize items for action and reveal opportunities for development.  We design upward feedback content that helps differentiate most effective managers. This can be done with competency models, internal research, or other strategic information, and used for either development or performance management.