Top Trends in Employee Experience: Navigating Today's Changing Landscape

OrgVitality partners Dr. Scott Brooks and Dr. Victoria Hendrickson presented at "Re-Imagining Work," part of the People Analytics Future of Work, a global network of talent strategy, workforce planning, and people analytics professionals based in San Francisco.

You can watch their presentation to learn how best to navigate the changing landscape of the employee experience, as well as evaluate the right approach for your organization, given the many options and technical possibilities. In this half-hour presentation, Brooks and Hendrickson - both with deep experience helping leading global organizations develop strategic employee-centric programs - focus on the top five trends in the employee experience, and most importantly, how to address them.

This presentation includes a discussion on how to leverage the employee experience to differentiate yourself from competitors, navigating the exciting yet potentially tricky field of Artificial Intelligence, integrating data and change initiatives, organizational storytelling, and why attention-getting needs to be top of your to-do list.

Watch the full presentation here:

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