Webinar | Brotopia at Work

Brotopia at Work:

Understanding and Assessing Your Workplace Risk

An in-depth examination to measure, understand, and address gender-bias

in the workplace, from the very subtle to the more egregious examples.

Brotopia - the title of a 2018 book focused on Silicon Valley’s treatment of women in the tech workforce – refers to the male dominated industry that’s rife with corporate “bro” or “Boys’ Club” cultures. Some of the examples in the book are truly and obviously awful, such as meetings held at strip clubs or the male venture capitalists who only fund other men’s ideas. But many more are subtle and insidious, such as men who regularly talk over their female co-workers, the well-documented pay gap, or women regularly passed over for promotions without conscious thought by their supervisors that these decisions are rooted in antiquated notions of women’s roles in the home.

Few organizations are exempt from some sort of gender bias, but we all have a responsibility to address and correct it. The key to combating this issue isn’t to think about those one or two individuals who come to mind, but rather, setting up systems where everyone in your organization, regardless of gender or other segmentations, can succeed.

In this webinar, we go well beyond discussing the issue of gender discrimination to provide you with concrete ways to measure your culture, make significant changes, and see a real difference.

Not sure exactly what “Brotopia” means, or if your culture is at a risk? Curious to simply learn more? Contact Dr. Hendrickson directly.