Here's to friends, family, and good cheer

Happy holidays

from our family to yours

In 2018, we were grateful to drive new initiatives with

existing clients, expand our scientific research, grow

through our first acquisition, and so much more.

2019 looks just as promising.

  • In October, we acquired the survey practice of the Metrus Group, which represents an exciting new chapter at OV as we welcome new employees, clients, and opportunities.

  • We continue to enhance our existing technology capabilities, offering clients an unparalleled level of high-touch service, science-led consulting, and intuitive yet powerful platforms.

  • Coming in 2019, we will be offering more AI-driven technologies, including a new Action Planning Tool and a suite of self-service tools that will give clients even more control. We'll still offer our unparalleled level of service and customization, but clients will have more options and even more choices when designing projects that have a variety of needs.

  • We exhibited and presented at a number of notable conferences including the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Human Resources People & Strategy (HRPS), HR Tech, and People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW). We expect to be back at many of these conferences, as well as a few new ones.

  • Jeffrey Saltzman, Scott Brooks, and Victoria Hendrickson conducted an industry survey on lifecycle surveys for their chapter in the upcoming SIOP Professional Series Book, due out in 2019. You can see the results of their research here.

  • We increased our law enforcement public opinion survey arm, fielding and presenting surveys designed to better understand and improve relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We also continue to do important work in the not-for-profit sector, helping valuable organizations fulfill their missions.

  • Once again we co-sponsored the annual Psychology Day at the United Nations, inviting clients and other supporters to join us for a private lunch in the Delegates' Dining Room and for a tour before the main discussion.If you are interested in attending this event in 2019, please contact us.

In April, we will present on the following topics

at the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists:

Changes in the employee survey landscape

Best of both worlds: Integrating qualitative and quantitative data

Beyond neurotypical: Maximizing performance through diverse talent management

Keeping up with Workplace Demographics: Preparing for Gen Z

Life as a female practitioner after grad school with a Masters vs Ph.D

Look for us at booth #223

Our webinar program was as popular as ever! Here are our top three webinars from 2018:

Lifecycle Surveys

Current Trends and a Look Ahead

Lifecycle surveys are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Surveying employees at major milestones, such as their pre-hire experience, onboarding, anniversaries, or exit, can help drive organizational understanding and improvement efforts. Partners Jeffrey Saltzman, Dr. Scott Brooks, and Dr. Victoria Hendrickson share the results of their latest lifecycle survey research as well as give tips for implementing a successful program.

Stop the Insanity!

Innovations to Ease the Comment Analysis Burden

Dr. Victoria Hendrickson discusses her latest studies, various approaches, and common pitfalls. Additionally, she showcases some of OrgVitality's latest product development in this space. This webinar is ideal for any survey practitioner new to comment analysis, those struggling to uncover the rich feedback in a manageable and scalable way, as well as those who have a meaningful open-ended comment approach but are looking to understand the latest technological innovations.

Artificial Intelligence A Primer for HR

AI promises are seemingly everywhere these days, and most organizations are feeling the need to keep up. Yet what does artificial intelligence really mean, and where can it help the most? Like any tool, there are ways to use AI well, and ways it might be less of a fit. In this informative webinar, Dr. Scott Brooks will describe the current state of AI, and what non data scientists need to know to become informed users within this often confusing arena.

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What are the webinars you want to see in 2019?

Make Your Survey Matter: Strategy, Insight, and Action

Engagement is Not Strategic: Creating an Authentic Survey

Unstable at Work: Mental Illness in the Workplace

Lifecycle Surveys: Trends and Best Practices

Manager Development: Using 180s and 360s to develop talent

Have other ideas? Email us with any ideas or suggestions.