Webinar | Managing People and Culture through Economic Downturns

Leading economists strongly believe that a recession or significant downturn in the global economy is inevitable in the coming year. Both businesses and employees are feeling the stress. There are concrete actions you can take to help both your people and your organization survive - and even thrive - despite the uncertainty.

OrgVitality's CEO Jeffrey Saltzman will share the critical factors to consider to help your organization and people handle upheaval. This webinar is based on research conducted during the previous recession.

Jeffrey Saltzman is a co-founder and CEO of OrgVitality. He's on the advisory board at the Center for Leadership Studies, School of Management at Binghamton University, where he is also an associate fellow in the MBA program. Jeffrey co-authored Creating the Vital Organization: Balancing Short-Term Profits with Long-Term Success, published in 2016 by Palgrave, as well as numerous other publications. Jeffrey has extensive experience in the field of Industrial Organization, and developed the concept of Employee Confidence; specifically, how to measure it, its impact on performance, and how to utilize to improve organizational performance.