Webinar | Mental Health: The Business of Business

Here's a staggering fact: mental health issues affect an estimated 1 out of 5 people at any given time; this includes your workforce. While mental health discussions may make some people uncomfortable, understanding the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in the workplace and adapting the workplace to support mental health is a win-win. It can improve the functioning and the bottom line of the organization, and it can greatly benefit its people.

Curious how you can help your organization make better decisions and accommodations regarding mental health?

Join a conversation with OrgVitality CEO Jeffrey Saltzman and OV Partner and Vice President Dr. Walter Reichman as they discuss the incidence rates of mental health issues in the workplace, organizational concerns, ways to help, and the ultimate payoffs for businesses in creating stable and supportive work environments.

Jeffrey Saltzman is a co-founder and CEO of OrgVitality. He's on the advisory board at the Center for Leadership Studies, School of Management at Binghamton University, where he is also an associate fellow in the MBA program. Jeffrey co-authored Creating the Vital Organization: Balancing Short-Term Profits with Long-Term Success, published in 2016 by Palgrave, as well as numerous other publications. Jeffrey has extensive experience in the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology, and developed the concept of Employee Confidence, specifically, how to measure it, determine its impact on performance, and how to utilize to improve organizational performance.

Dr. Walter Reichman is a partner and vice president at OrgVitality, the president of the Psychology Coalition of the United Nations, and the main NGO representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations from the International Association of Applied Psychology. He is also a Professor Emeritus from Baruch College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Walter is the co- author of Personal Adjustment and Growth: A Lifespan Approach. Walter has an MBA from City College of the City University of New York and an MA and Ed.D from Teachers College of Columbia University.