Creating the Vital Organization

Are the day-to-day pressures of your business preventing your organization from reaching its full potential?

If you are spending the bulk of your time and energy streamlining your operations - squeezing more output from your resources, shaving costs, or pressing for speed – you are risking your organization’s future.

Today’s top leaders must balance their daily operations with future-oriented explorations so that their organizations can respond and adapt to any challenges in today’s increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment. Yet focusing on both Current Performance and Future Potential is a tricky balancing act; each is a distinct pursuit that requires different skills, resources, measurements of success, and even time horizons.

This book tells stories of strategy, insight, and action, featuring the latest advancements in industrial and organizational science, that will help catapult your organization to success now and in the future. Visit the book's companion site,, for free, interactive assessment and reports that will help you identify your strengths, challenges, and areas ripe for improvement.