Webinar | Framing Your Survey: Tactics to Get Executives Excited

We’ve all been there: The survey team works hard at crafting an authentic survey with the goal of creating change, only to have top leadership ignore the results – or worse, pull the plug on the survey before it even happens. So how do you get your executive team to understand the value of a company-wide survey? Perhaps more importantly, how can you understand the unspoken assumptions they have about surveys, so you can address them head-on? Join OrgVitality’s Dr. Scott Brooks as he explores the challenges of achieving executive support, and how both behavioral economic concepts of Decision Framing and psychological ideas of Growth Mindset can be used to adjust how surveys are positioned with leadership, how to nudge their framing of the effort to be more constructive, and unleash the power and impact that surveys can provide. This webinar will help you diagnose whether top leaders see surveys merely as risks of bad news versus opportunities for development, and importantly, highlights the subtle implications that have dramatic consequences.