Employee Well-Being and Strategic Surveys

As organizations rapidly shift to remote working and new business challenges, we bring together leading survey industry experts to discuss how to best support employees, drive HR initiatives, and pivot as necessary during these difficult times.


Managing People Through Uncertainty

Presenter: Jeffrey Saltzman, CEO

The Coronavirus has thrown the world into a tailspin; cities, offices, and schools are shutting down, global leadership is chaotic, and people are panicked. Yet there is much an organization can do to offset some of the fear and help guide employees through this difficult time. Please join OrgVitality CEO Jeffrey Saltzman as he kicks off our virtual conference with a welcome, overview of the current crisis, and offers tips for organizations grappling with a new reality.

Mental Health: Reducing Stress in the Workplace


Presenter: Dr. Walter Reichman, Partner and Vice President, OrgVitality

Dr. Walter Reichman is an expert in the field of mental health in the workplace. During this half-hour webinar, he will provide organizations with the necessary information to help guide employees through the current crisis.

Case Studies: How Leading Organizations are Leading the Way


Presenters: Dr. James Scrivani, Director, Global Talent Management COE, PepsiCo

Jerry Seibert, Executive Consultant, OrgVitality


Moderator: John Scott, COO, APTMetrics

PepsiCo and Jack in the Box have each recently received the Human Resource Management Impact Award for evidence-based HR, a competitive honor awarded by the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology and SHRM. Dr. Scrivani will describe PepsiCo's Global Leadership Assessment & Development (LeAD) Program, which has helped PepsiCo accurately and consistently identify and develop internal talent, from early career to senior executives. Jerry Seibert will share the approach to human capital analytics that helped Jack in the Box achieve dramatic performance gains at the restaurant level, including retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. John Scott, who helped develop the LeAD simulation, will serve as moderator.

Top 5 Survey Trends

Presenters: Dr. Scott Brooks, Partner and Vice President and Dr. Victoria Hendrickson, Partner and Vice President, OrgVitality

Come learn about the latest trends in the survey industry. OrgVitality consultants Dr. Scott Brooks and Dr. Victoria Hendrickson will share the latest innovations, best practices, and client case studies.

Barriers to Open Feedback

Presenters: Dr. Susan Kamin, Consultant, OrgVitality

Organizations often administer surveys or feedback programs such as 360 or upward feedback) with the hope of learning how their employees feel about various issues. But how honest is this feedback? When employees do not feel that they can safely share their views or concerns, the downsides can range from issues such as dissatisfaction, turnover or unrealized potential to large-scale public scandals after a whistleblower goes public. This presentation will discuss some of the factors that impede open feedback as well as strategies to encourage and reinforce a more open culture.

Making HR Contributions More Strategic and Influential in Organizations

Presenters: Jerry Seibert, Executive Consultant, OrgVitality and Bill Schiemann, CEO of the Metrus Group

Human Resources often conduct important work that is not fully understood or valued by executives. Please join OrgVitality Executive Consultant Jerry Seibert and the Metrus Group CEO Bill Schiemann as they address how to make HR research more strategic and relevant to leaders by discussing key areas of impact including strategic positioning, business context, ROI, linkage to business outcomes, and packaging. By the end of this session, participants will have numerous strategies for communicating with executives, better positioning HR work within the strategic business objectives, and creating high-impact people measures that drive business performance.

Artificial Intelligence: Primer for HR

Presenter: Dr. Victoria Hendrickson, Partner and Vice President, OrgVitality

AI promises - and hype - are everywhere these days, from Hollywood blockbusters to venture capital investments to corporate jargon. Organizations are feeling the pressure to keep up with these quickly-evolving technologies, but it can be an overwhelming and confusing landscape. If you want to better understand AI - as well as learn how and when it can best apply to your work - join Dr. Victoria Hendrickson for a thorough look at uses and guidelines for AI in the corporate world.

Framing Your Survey: Tactics to Get Executives Excited

Presenter: Dr. Scott Brooks

There can easily be a bit of Black Box to top leadership’s framing of what surveys are and can do, which changes how they charter, digest, and use employee survey results to run the business. This webinar will draw on behavioral economic concepts of Decision Framing (how choices may be worded or structured to influence the decision) and psychological ideas of Growth Mindset (the belief that abilities can be developed, rather than being innate) to help diagnose whether top leaders see surveys merely as risks of bad news versus opportunities for development. Moreover, it also highlights the subtle implications that have dramatic consequences.

Privacy Legislation: Everything You Need to Know about GDPR and More

Presenter: Dr. Victoria Hendrickson, Partner and Vice President, OrgVitality

It's almost two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the EU. Still, many questions remain about how to best remain compliant, especially where HR data is concerned. Please join Dr. Victoria Hendrickson for an overview of what you need to know about GDPR and other impending privacy regulations, especially as they relate to survey programs.

Bottom-Up, Top-Down, or Blended? Approaches & Lessons from Allstate & PepsiCo

Presenter: Sachin Jain, Director of Talent Managment, PepsiCo
Dr. Jennifer Diamond Acosta, Manager, Executive Assessment & Development, Allstate

Driving action from an employee survey is hard. It builds on a base of solid measurement and data mechanics. But ultimately, action requires that the right information lands in the hands of people who can do something about it, people who can make the changes that the organization needs. In this session, learn from PepsiCo and Allstate about their journeys to match the right reports and support with the right levels of leadership.

Employee Well-Being & Business Resilience Survey

During this time of uncertainty and fear, we've launched a free survey tool to help organizations launch an internal survey for their staff.